Garden Advice


A lot of people are keen gardeners and they enjoy the rewards of carrying out some of the more simple tasks themselves and watching the garden grow through the seasons. But sometimes garden advice from a professional is needed just to give a nudge in the right direction.

Garden advice service

Holland Landscapes offers a garden consultation service to help you further develop your garden. We will arrange a visit with you spend a prearranged time discussing your wishes, what your requirements are, and give advice on how to make your wishes come true. Once the garden advice visit is complete we will write a report based on our meeting. This report will contain the information we discussed with you and a guide on how to achieve what we discussed.

This service can be extended with extra garden visits, a garden design service, or even maintenance training. Maybe an aspect of your garden is too daunting for you? Our team can carry out the jobs you don’t feel confident in doing, like paving or brickwork. While we enjoy creating gardens for our clients we enjoy guiding those who wish to create their own gardens.

Garden advice articles

Our blog is crammed full with useful articles on designing, building and maintaining your garden. We aim to provide garden advice on just about every aspect of your outdoor spaces. If you would like us to write an article on a specific subject, please email us with your request.

Garden advice visits

If you feel that you could benefit from a garden advice visit, please contact us to discuss the areas that you need help with. Once we have agreed on a consultation fee, we will make an appointment to come and see you. All visits will of course be socially distanced in line with current COVID-19 guidelines.

Garden Advice