Coronovirus Update

Coronovirus Update

Holland Landscapes health and safety policy aims to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Here’s how.

The whole team at Holland Landscapes have been watching the latest developments on the spread of the Coronavirus virus. We’re keen to ensure that all of our clients, employees and their respective families are safe.

We landscapers are generally a healthy bunch. Long days working out of doors limits any possible contact with the virus, but nevertheless, we’re not taking any chances. Which is why we’ve tweaked out health and safety policy. If necessary, we will update this as new advice emerges.

We’re respectfully asking all of our clients to read the policy and help us to take precautions to protect everyone’s health.

Customer Notice Regarding Coronavirus

As we work outside social distancing can be easily maintained if we can follow the requests below.

  • As much as we appreciate the offer of refreshments we will not be accepting any during this time and will supply our own.
  • We will be practising distancing and will maintain the recommended distance from our clients.
  • With all due respect we will not be shaking hands during meetings.
  • Our team will maintain our high standards of hygiene with sanitiser supplied to them
  • Our team will not require access to the house unless absolutely necessary
  • Any meetings must be conducted at distance
  • As usual we will request payments by BACs only
  • If any of our clients have underlying health conditions or are aged 70 or over please notify us so that we can take all necessary precautions to protect you.

But also if you find you need to self isolate, whilst we are on site, we will do our best to help in any way we can – collecting supplies etc

Business as usual

Holland Landscapes is a small business employing some very experienced and well trained landscapers. If we are not working, there is no money coming into the business. No money coming in means that we can’t pay wages.

We plan to carry on working unless either Government Health Officials tell us differently or we feel the need to isolate ourselves.



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