Garden Design

Every great garden starts with a really good garden design. As professional landscapers we know how important it is for our clients’ piece of mind, that the design and build processes should dovetail perfectly. That way everybody knows exactly how the project is proceeding and who is doing what. Which is why we created our own garden design company,  Tapestry Design Studios.

When your garden designer  and your landscaper work together seamlessly, there are no conflicts or delays due to design tweaks arising from unexpected surprises on site. Designer and landscaper have the same understanding of what needs to be built and how it should be styled. Which means that any questions that pop up during the build can be answered quickly.  As a result, the whole garden makeover process runs smoothly and is as stress-free as possible for the clients.

Tapestry Design Studios is run by Chris and Paul Baker and employs a talented team of garden designers offering a full range of  services including:

  • Consultations
  • Layout plans
  • Master plans
  • Planting plans
  • 3D Garden design
  • Animated garden design
  • Bespoke gardens
  • Front gardens
  • Back gardens
  • Construction drawings
  • Lighting plans

We are more than happy to provide a design-only service for landscapers through Tapestry Design Studios and via our unique online garden design service, My Garden Design.

Back garden design in Great Bentley.

Design of 4 acres grounds around a home and existing lake in Stock.

Multi-level garden design for a back garden in Coggeshall.

natural stone patio in a back garden

Completed back garden in Great Bentley.

outdoor kitchen in luxurious garden

Completed garden near Colchester.

Completed country garden near Ongar.

The Garden Design Process

Garden design is all about making sure that your vision for your outdoor spaces is brought to life just as you want it to be. Experienced landscapers, especially if they are members of the Association of Professional Landscapers, can build almost anything to a very high standard. However, in the majority of cases, when they start a project, they know very little about the client’s personal tastes, lifestyle or particular needs. And so it’s impossible to guess what someone’s vision for their garden looks like. Having a well thought out garden design (or planting plan) to work from ensures that your landscaper builds exactly what you are expecting to see.

The team at Tapestry Design Studios will happily go through the garden design process with you and answer any questions you may have. But below is a summary of the full process.  We also offer packages for smaller gardens (up to 400 square metres) which are ideal for new build gardens.

  1. Initial Visit

The garden design process starts with a consultation to learn more about your expectations and to get a feel for the size, shape and character of your garden.

It is important at this stage to talk about budgets. Even the tiniest garden can generate a vast number of ideas with wide ranging price points. If your garden designer knows what you are planning to invest in your garden, they will make the design fit the build budget. That way there will be no need to compromise on the quality of the materials you choose.

2. Design Proposal

Leading on from the initial consultation, is the garden design proposal. This will contain:-

  • A quotation for design fees
  • Garden design brief
  • A reminder of your budget for building the planned garden
  • Timescales for the design and build
  • Preliminary site survey and analysis

Once the design proposal has been agreed, we will arrange a thorough topographical survey of your garden.  It’s important to have accurate site measurements and a good idea of any potential challenges or hazards.

3. Concept Layout Plan

Now that we know what you need from your garden and we have survey results, the task of reimagining your outdoor space begins in earnest.

Our team will use their creativity, experience, knowledge and that magical instinct that only designers can muster to create a garden plan that is both beautiful and buildable.

Once the outline of the design is complete, we will arrange a consultation to discuss any revisions before we refine the detailing for the master plan.

4. Master Plan

In this phase we discuss tdetails such as materials, accessories, colours and laying patterns for paving etc.  It’s probably the most exciting part of the garden design process because you will really be able to feel your garden plans coming to life.

Once the details are agreed, you will recieve an A3 sized printed copy of your master plan in full colour.  We can also supply duplicates if you wish to approach other landscapers for a quote.

5. Construction Drawings

Construction drawings ensure that the vision of the designer (and yourself) is transferred accurately into your garden. These drawings mean that there is no need for your garden designer to oversee the garden build.  These are cross sections showing important details such as how deep sub bases and footings should be, and the dimensions of steps etc.

If you invite Holland Landscapes to build a garden design from Tapestry Design Studios, there is no need for construction drawings – the two teams will have been collaborating since the start of the design process. This little detail can save you the cost of having construction drawings produced.

6. Planting Plans

Without a double, plants are the most vibrant and exciting part of a garden. Whether your garden design is minimalistic, low maintenance, traditional or themed, the right choice of plants is crucial.

Mistakes with plant choices can be costly. You may have expensive trees of shrubs expiring because they’re not suited to the conditions in your garden. Or you may find your plants grow at different rates, so what started as a well balanced display becomes sprawling or untidy.

Tapestry Design Studio’s planting plan service can save you hundreds of pounds and hours of hard labour, just be ensuring that the plant selection is right for you and your garden. Our trained horticulturists look at heights, textures, colours, periods of interest, function, maintenance needs and a whole host of other factors before devising a plan that will complement your garden beautifully.

Planting plans are not just for newly landscaped gardens. Get in touch if your beds and borders need a refresh. We’ve know gardens that have been completely transformed just by updating the planting.

As with garden layout plans you will receive a printed copy of your planting plan. The Holland Landscapes Team will source and plant your plants for you. But actually, planting is such a pleasurable way to engage with your garden, we totally understand if you want to do that job yourself.

Garden Design and Build Services

At Holland Landscapes we love the joined up thinking involved in a garden design and build project. We work closely with the designers at Tapestry Design Studios to balance our clients’ garden dreams with their budgets. Every plan is discussed by the landscaper and the designer before being submitted to the client.

From our client’s perspective, it’s so much easier to deal with one company from start to finish. There are no hiccups in communication, and no clashes of interest. And if design tweaks are needed part way through the project, there’s no delay in the decision making process.


If you would like your garden designed by Tapestry Design Studio and built by Holland Landscapes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and start the conversation.

Here are some examples of garden design and build projects we have completed together.

Country garden near Ongar

Elegant gravel driveway in Colchester

Outdoor entertaining garden, Peldon

Small front garden, Colchester