View priced examples of some of our recent garden builds, as a visual guide to what can be achieved for different budgets.

Landscaping Prices – What Does a Garden Makeover Cost?

As you would imagine, landscaping prices vary according to the scope of works, the materials you choose and the quality of the workmanship.

At Holland Landscapes we never compromise on quality. All of our gardens are built to last. Whilst our landscaping prices may not be the cheapest in Essex we do have a strong reputation for honesty, integrity, reliability and the highest possible standards.

When you ask Holland Landscapes to quote for your garden makeover there will be no hidden costs or unexpected price hikes. Our landscaping prices include everything from the initial garden clearance to earthworks, materials, labour, project management and planting.

How to find a ballpark figure for your garden makeover

You should never base your landscaping prices on  TV Garden Makeover shows. The prices quoted on screen rarely include labour and very often the material costs are heavily subsidised by suppliers who hope to generate business from the viewers.

Think of your garden makeover as an investment. Just like a new kitchen or a house extension. Start by setting a budget and then find out what that budget will buy. If you are new to garden improvements, it’s well worth talking to a reputable garden designer who will help you make the best choices.

As a rough guide, click here to see the costs for some recent garden makeover projects.

How much should you invest in a new garden?

If you are looking for a financial return on your investment, consider the added value to your property. A tastefully designed and well built garden can increase the value of your home by 5-12%

Many of our customers are investing in their personal wellbeing and happiness.They want to be able to enjoy their outdoor space with friends and family. When it comes to landscaping prices for leisure space, the investment amount is completely up to the individual. How much pleasure do you hope to derive from your garden and what is that worth to you?

A properly built garden will last for decades (just look at some of our stately homes with grounds that are over 200 years old!). How do you value the time spent in your garden compared to other leisure activities? Should you spend your savings on one enormous holiday, a series of weekends away, or a garden makeover? You decide and Holland Landscapes will ensure you get best value for money.

What’s included in the price of landscaping?

The policy at Holland Landscapes is to include absolutely everything in your initial quote. We don’t like hidden charges and we don’t surprise customers with unexpected costs. If there are any design changes part way through the project, we will re-quote and agree the charges before work begins.

A landscaping quote from Holland Landscapes will include

  • Preparation: There is quite a lot of work involved in preparing your garden for landscaping. Disassembling and removing unwanted features, removing and disposing of waste, tree work, digging footings and building sub-bases.
  • Access: Before quoting we will visit the site to check things like entryways for people, materials and equipment. It’s seemingly little things like this that have a big impact on labour costs.
  • Project Management: One of the the landscaping team will be an experienced project manager who can ensure that the entire garden build runs smoothly.
  • Levels and Earthworks: These are some of the biggest costs in landscaping a garden especially if soil needs to be imported or removed to help bring the design to life.
  • Plant Hire and Machinery Costs:  The Holland Landscapes team know that you want your garden makeover completed with as little disturbance as possible. Having the right tools and machinery on site really helps but of course these things come at a price.
  • Health and Safety: Often overlooked by less professional landscapers. At Holland Landscapes we understand that we have a duty of care to everyone on site. Included in your landscaping quote are things like the safety barriers and signage needed to keep you  safe.
  • Materials: All materials will be included in your landscaping quote. From the sub-base to the grout, paints to plants. You don’t need to worry about a thing.
  • Labour: The most important part of the project. Skilled men and women who can create your garden to the very highest standards. Your landscaping quote will also include costs for the services of any specialist trades needed. Electricians for example, or tree surgeons.

Garden design tips for getting best value from your garden makeover

  • Use the services of a garden designer – it will save you money in the long run. We recommend talking to our sister-company Tapestry Design Studios
  • Terraces and steps are more costly to build than slopes
  • Raised beds and retaining walls increase costs significantly
  • Straight lines are less labour intensive to build than curves
  • A high proportion of hard landscaping (paths and patios) can increase preparation costs. Aim to create a balance between hard and soft surfaces.
  • Consider the time needed to install materials as well as their purchase cost.
  • Small details such as lighting may add to the cost but they can also add value to a garden.

View priced examples of some of our recent garden builds, as a visual guide to what can be achieved for different budgets.

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