Small Front Garden Colchester

About This Project

What the client needed

This small front garden design in Colchester really is – well – small. Measuring a compact 6m wide and 3.5 m deep please, it serves as the entrance way to a neat, Victorian terraced townhouse. The garden is sandwiched between the house and a low wall which divides the property from the pavement.

Our clients asked for a front garden design to add character to the property. She also wanted plenty of plants and a pleasant journey from the street to her home. In short, the wanted her home to feel like a home from the second she stepped off the pavement.

Our solution to the problem

It would have been very easy to suggest paving over the area, or maybe creating a gravel garden. But the team at Holland Landscapes are very conscious that housing estates often lack paving over front gardens – even small front gardens, is having a long term detrimental effect on the environment.

Plants and soil are an essential part of the planet’s eco system. And they do more than we realised to absorb rainwater and help prevent flooding.

We worked on a simple small front garden design that would provide visual interest, safe passage to the front door AND benefit the environment.

Bringing a small front front garden design to life

The team began by preparing the ground. Taking away any builders’ debris and creating a foundation for the path.

The path, as you can see from the pictures, combines clay pavers with natural stone slabs. The pavers match the brickwork of the house and the garden wall. This ties the garden in with the property and makes sense to the eye.

Creating a 45 degree turn makes the garden feel wider than it is. Adding a brick feature half way along serves the same purpose but also encourages visitors to slow down and appreciate the planting.

For planting, our colleagues at Tapestry Design Studios created a plan using herbaceous perennials that will eventually soften the line of the path. The combination of green and purple hues evoke a feeling of relaxation. And we’ve even included some scented plants too.

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