Back Garden Frinton on Sea – Part 2

Back Garden Frinton on Sea – Part 2

This is a blog about a back garden we are building in Frinton on Sea in Essex. To follow the progress of this project please subscribe for automatic updates on this blog. Please note, these updates do not represent the time taken to build the garden.

You will see in this, the second blog for this garden, we have now laid the paving for the patio in-front of the proposed summerhouse, this will now need to be pointed with mortar. The paving used for this patio is Raj Green sandstone and the brick paving is a Rudgwick brick paver. The brick paved entrance to the utility area has also been laid and is ready to be pointed.

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The trellis screen has been erected around the utility area. This provides great screening for the proposed shed. The client also enjoys growing climbers, this heavy-duty trellis will be perfect for the climbers the client wants to grow. The retaining walls for the main patio are almost complete. Crushed aggregate has been brought in and compacted in 75mm layers. Once the wall is complete the rest of the sub-base will be brought in. The next stage will be the paving for this patio. More topsoil has been imported to provide a small step down from the patio.
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As this project progresses I will continue to post more blogs. Subscribe to our blog for automatic updates, just enter your email in the box on the right hand side of this blog.

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