Scenic Wildlife Pond Near Tiptree

Scenic Wildlife Pond Near Tiptree

A quick look at one of Holland Landscapes latest projects – a beautiful wildlife pond near the town of Tiptree in Essex.

Have you ever dreamed of sitting on a jetty, dangling your toes into the pond below? Thats exactly what our clients had in mind when they commissioned Holland Landscapes to create this wildlife pond with overhanging deck.

wildlife pond with overhanging deck


Tiptree itself is a wonderfully unspoiled town in Essex, probably best known for its jam factory and fields of soft fruit.  With it being within easy driving distance of mainline railway stations, Tiptree is a popular place to set up home for anyone who works in the City of London but wants to escape to a more rural area at the end of the day. And what could be better than to have a little piece of countryside within the bounds of your own back garden?

Why create a wildlife pond?

There are countless benefits to having a pond in your own garden.  

  • It will help the space to feel cooler and more comfortable in scorching hot weather. 
  • Provides a layer of interest that you just can’t get from a patio.
  • Genuinely helps conserve wildlife such as hedgehogs, songbirds, pollinating insects, dragonflies and much more.
  • Brings some free pest control into your garden. Frogs and toads from your pond will devour the slugs that try to destroy your plants.
  • Best of all though – it just makes you feel good….its a great wellbeing tool.

composite decking with wildlife pond and great views

About this project

This project is a perfect example of a mini-makeover.  Rather than re-imagine the whole of this beautifully mature plot, our client asked us to concentrate on just one part of it. And we were very happy to help!

That beautiful overhanging deck was created using composite decking from Millboard Decking. Composite decking was the logical choice for this project – it doesn’t rot and tends to repel algae – which is ideal for a waterside location.

All of the pond building essentials were supplied by Landscapeplus.  A great company who are always generous with their advice.

I’m not going to ramble on too much about the details of this project.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

newly created oval shaped pond with overhanging deck in the rear of the image


two offset squares of composite decking with summerhouse and seating area


newly created wildlife pond with borrowed views over Essex farmland


wildlife pond with young waterlilies


wildlife pond with grassy surround and marginal planting


Would you like to improve a part of your garden?  Call or email us today to discuss your ideas.

Take a look at the wildlife pond that we built near Walton Back Waters in Essex

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