Gardening Jobs For Autumn 2022

Gardening Jobs For Autumn 2022

.Most UK gardens struggled to cope with this summer’s heatwave. So here are some gardening jobs for autumn 2022 that will help your plot recover and thrive.

From talking to colleagues around the UK it’s clear that the way we design, care for and use our gardens is going to have to adapt to climate change.  This summer, lawns turned brown, homeowners stayed indoors because the garden felt too hot and plants wilted and withered with the lack of rainfall.  But hey, it’s September now, autumn is just around the corner and after recent rainfall, plants are beginning to perk up. I’m predicting a second flush of flowering in many gardens and I’m sure that plenty of people will want to be outdoors, soaking up the last of the summer sunshine.

While you are enjoying the milder weather, why not get active and do a few gardening jobs that will help your garden recover from the heatwave and prepare it for the year ahead?  Here are some suggestions.


Most natural grass lawns have probably been a golden colour all summer but are now beginning to green up. To speed up the plants’ recovery and to help the roots prepare for winter, it’s well worth applying a good quality lawn feed this autumn. Choose an autumn/winter formulation with relatively low nitrogen.  The last thing you need at this time of year is really lush, soft growth because that seems to be more vulnerable to common autumn lawn diseases such as Fusarium Patch.

Artificial turf will benefit from a good sweep with a stiff broom to revive the pile and get rid of any dusty deposits that could encourage weeds growth.

As we progress into autumn, it’s crucial that you clear fallen leaves from your lawn – live plants will struggle to survive beneath them and on artificial turf, the leaves tend to rot down and create the perfect environment for weeds to establish.

Read more about autumn lawn care in this blog.

lawn feed being applied using a wheeled fertiliser spreader

Ensure that lawn feed is applied evenly across the entire area, otherwise you’ll end up with light and dark green patches


Spending a lot of time outdoors eating and drinking inevitably leads to stains on natural stone patios. And then to make matters worse,  all of that dust blowing around leaves surfaces looking dull and dreary.  Bring back the true colour of your patio by cleaning it with a good quality stone cleaner. Please don’t use a pressure washer on your patio, it can do untold damage to the surface and to the grouting between the pavers.

Timber Structures And Fencing

Hot weather can dry timber and leave it prone to cracking.  Now is the time to apply a good quality preservative in order to prolong the life of your fencing, decking, sheds and structures. 

For soft wood fences and decks I would recommend using a good quality preservative.  For hardwood, it’s better to use an oil based treatment such as linseed oil or a specialised decking oil.  If you’re not sure, please don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and ask me for advice.

If you feel that your decking or fencing demands too much maintenance, why not consider replacing it with composite materials?  The right products, properly installed can look great. The composite decking boards we use at Holland Landscapes contain a high percentage of recycled materials, are long lived, durable, and need no treatments other than a very occasional wash down using a hosepipe and a broom.

composite decking in ash grey colour way

This composite decking was installed for our clients in Tiptree.  Read the full case study here.

Feeling overwhelmed already? Here are some tips for saving time on gardening chores.  


I’ve been watering my newly planted front garden like crazy this summer and fortunately it’s looking good. However, there are many plants and shrubs that just haven’t coped well with this weather. 

Autumn is always a good time to tidy the borders, refresh the planting and add spring bulbs. Start by cutting back any dead or diseased vegetation and remove any weeds. Then use a hoe or a hand fork to break up the surface of the soil so that rainwater can penetrate easier. Finally and add a nice thick layer of mulch to conserve soil moisture and protect roots from frost.

If your beds and borders have really suffered with the weather, it may be worth thinking about changing to more drought tolerant planting.  Katie at Tapestry Design Studios has seen an increase in demand for mediterranean style planting plans this year and I’m sure she’d be happy to arrange a consultation with you if you feel you need ideas or advice.

Discover more about planting plans from Tapestry Design Studios.

Richly planted front garden with wide variety of species

I planted this garden in spring 2022. Without an irrigation system, it would never have survived the summer.

Irrigation Systems

It feels a bit odd writing about irrigation while the rain is pouring down outside, but honestly, if it weren’t for the system I installed in my own front garden this spring, the money I spent on plants would have been well and truly wasted. It would have been almost impossible to care for them using just a watering can and they would have perished in the heat.

Our climate is definitely changing and the trees, hedges and plants we rely on to cool our atmosphere will almost certainly need supplementary watering if they are to survive.  Whilst hosepipes, sprinklers  and watering cans do a great job, much of the water they apply is lost through evaporation. 

A carefully planned irrigation system ensures that water gets to the plants roots, where it is needed. Irrigation systems can be automated so that they do their job in the cool of the evening and can be switched off via an app if we actually get some rain.

Read more about watering your garden in summer.

Garden Lighting

Extend the amount of time you can spend in your outdoor spaces by installing some lighting. Even when it’s too cold to actually sit outside, you’ll be able to enjoy seeing your garden through your windows.

Read our article about lighting your garden for winter 

General Tidying

It’s surprising what difference a good old tidy up can make to a garden.  Trimming those lawn edges, refreshing mulch and gravel, sweeping paths, painting fences, getting rid of rubbish and replacing overgrown or dead plants. It might take a couple of days but it’ll be worth every moment.

Hints and tips on giving your garden a facelift  

lovely back garden with grey limestone patio, rich planting and rattan furniture

Gardening is about planning and patience. Autumn gardening jobs are all about preparing the soil, plants and structures of your garden for next summer. 

Getting Ready For Next Summer

If you’ve been using your garden as much as I’ve been using mine over the summer, you’ve doubtless thought of some new features that could really enhance your experience.  Perhaps a pergola for shade? An outdoor kitchen? Or some decking around your hot tub? The team here at Holland Landscapes would be pleased to help develop and improve your garden. Just call me if you’d like a quote.

If your garden struggled with drought this year, you might want to invest in some drought busting features for next year.  How about installing some water butts this autumn so that you can harvest and store rainwater runoff from your roofs this winter?

Or, install a water saving irrigation system that gets moisture directly to the plant’s roots. It’s far more efficient than a watering can or a hosepipe and saves you hours of work.

I hope you’ve found some of these tips useful.  If there’s anything I can do to help you develop your garden, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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