Decking And Wildlife Pond In Tiptree

About This Project

We loved creating this pond in Tiptree and were fascinated to see how quickly the local wildlife began using it.

The Client Brief

It’s always a joy to be invited back to make more improvements to a garden we’ve already worked on. And this pond in Tiptree was one such project.  Several years ago, we did quite a lot of hard landscaping and planting in another part of this large garden. However this distant corner had been left largely untouched in order to encourage birds and insects into the garden. 

Our clients decided that they’d like to install a large pond to benefit the wildlife. They also had a good idea about adding a decking area. That way they could sit quietly to watch all of the comings and goings.

Building The Wildlife Pond in Tiptree

Everything about this project was a joy.  The whole team here at Holland Landscapes are nature lovers and we all of us love the opportunity to bring more wildlife into a garden.

This project began by agreeing the size and shape of the pond with our clients and marking out the area.  Then we used our mechanical digger to form that is effectively a small lake. With varying depth, sloping sides and plenty of space for marginal plants.

A large pond liner from Landscape Plus was laid on top of a protective layer of sand so that stones in the soil would not pierce the liner. And the pond was filled with water.  Pebbles and aggregates were added to hide the edges of the liner and to create an attractive small beach.

Decking Design

So that our clients an interact with their pond in Tiptree, we designed and built a floating deck. It overlaps the edge of the pond so that anyone can sit on the edge of it and dangle their feet in the water.

The deck is in two sections, one raised slightly above the other to follow the contours of the garden.  This decking area is adjacent to a pretty summerhouse where garden furniture can be stored when not in use.

We chose Millboard composite decking for this project.  It’s a relatively modern landscaping material with a traditional look and feel. The main advantage however of using composite products near water, is that they don’t rot.  This deck will need very little maintenance and there’s certainly none of the risks attached to using chemical wood preservatives so close to a wildlife habitat.

The Results

A previously little used area of the garden has been transformed into a relaxing area thronging with wildlife.  Our clients tell us that they spend many a happy hour sitting on the decking listening to the birdsong, watching dragonflies at play and enjoying the one part of this garden we can’t take credit for – the view!

Thinking Of Installing A Pond Or Some Decking?

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