Landscaping and Garden Design Services

Landscaping and Garden Design Services

Planning a garden makeover? At Holland Landscapes we offer a range of landscaping and garden design services in collaboration with our sister company, Tapestry Design Studios. Find out more in this blogpost

A good garden makeover starts with a problem plot and leads to your perfect outdoor space. The journey involves a range of landscaping and garden design services.  Find out how about the processes involved in remodelling a garden and what to expect when you decide to upgrade your room outside.

outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and smoker

A gorgeous outdoor kitchen in a garden designed by Tapestry Design Studios and built by Holland Landscapes

All landscaping starts with a garden design

Imagine if a stranger invited you into their home and asked you to redecorate it.  Before you started, you’d need to understand how they plan to use the space, what colours and styles they like and how much they want to spend on the project.

It’s exactly the same for us landscapers.  Most landscapers can map out the design for a simple project such as enlarging or rejuvenating a patio or building the base for a greenhouse. However, if the garden layout is changing or there are challenges like slopes and drainage to consider, you will need the services of a garden designer.

planting plan

A garden design shows the layout of your new plot and may also specify materials.  Your garden designer may offer planting plans like this one as an optional extra.


What does a garden designer do?

A good garden designer will meet with you – either on site or via video link – to get a feel for what your perfect garden will look like.

He or she will start with function. How would you like to use your outdoor space? Entertaining? Growing food?  Somewhere for the children to let off steam? Enrichment activities for pets? Storing bikes? There are dozens of possibilities. Don’t be afraid to list everything that comes into your head. You’ll be amazed at how garden designers can make the tiniest garden into a multifunctional space.

Moving on to styling, your garden designer will chat about the features and materials that most appeal to you.  Are you a fan of richly planted cottage gardens? Or do you prefer a contemporary, minimalist feel?  How much ongoing maintenance would you be confident to handle? Are there any particular plants or colours you’d like used in your garden?

Taking Measurements

Next comes the survey.  Your garden designer will need accurate measurements of your garden. Not just length and width, but aspect, slopes, angles, access points, soil type, position of any pipes or wires, features you’d like to keep, problem areas, potential borrowed views, whether you may need planning permission – and much more.  

For large or complex spaces, your garden designer may help you arrange for a qualified surveyor to carry out a topographical survey of the site.  However, in most cases your designer or landscaper can take the measurements themselves.

With all of the information gathered, your garden designer will create a layout plan for you to approve.  This is not an overnight job, there’s a lot to think about, especially if the design needs to fit  your budget. There is a usually a waiting list for the best landscaping and garden design services, so expect to wait a few weeks for your garden design plan.

Once you have signed off the garden design, your landscaper will use it to quote for materials and labour

How to choose a good landscaper

Very often, your garden designer will be able to recommend a reputable landscaper with the right skills to build your perfect garden.

You may want to invite a couple of others to quote for the work too.  There are two main criteria that you need to consider.  

  1. Is this person/company a bona-fide landscaper with a strong skills set and a good reputation?
  2. Do you LIKE and trust them?  A garden makeover may take several weeks – this person will need to be on your property 5-6 days a week, in all weathers and working long days too. Landscaping can be messy and noisy the last thing you need is a personality clash!

For 10 questions to ask your landscaper before signing a contract, read this blog. 

Landscaping and Garden Design Services at Holland Landscapes

team buiding award winning garden designs

The Holland Landscapes Team collecting an award for one of their gardens

Holland Landscapes has been established for over 30 years and in that time we’ve developed a strong reputation for great design, excellent workmanship and being easy to get along with.

Here are just a few of the services we offer (click on each link to learn more)

Who to contact

Start your garden makeover journey by talking to a garden designer or to a professional who offers landscaping and garden design services. 

Tapestry Design Studios are based in Colchester and have a great reputation for designing gardens that really suit their owners’ lifestyles. Visit the garden design website

Holland Landscapes build beautiful gardens in and around Essex and Suffolk.  We are proud to have won several awards for the gardens we’ve built. Contact us today

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