Turfing is a speedy way to give your whole garden a visual “lift”. The Holland Landscapes turfing service will instantly replace your tired muddy lawn with a vibrant green carpet.

  • Removal of unwanted vegetation
  • Soil preparation
  • Levelling
  • Turf laying
  • Lawn care advice

A natural lawn makes your whole property look more inviting. It provides somewhere to sit, somewhere to play and a sets off other garden features beautifully. If your lawn is level it will be easy to maintain and should look fabulous for the years to come.

As well as looking good, a lawn can help with garden drainage, bring lots of environmental benefits and help to reduce your carbon footprint. Not only that, if you are thinking of moving, a well maintained lawn will add oodles of kerb appeal to your property and may help to add value.

Even in damp and dreary weather a beautifully manicured lawn makes a garden look loved. This lawn was created as part of a landscaping and turfing project.

beautiful circular lawn made from turf

Circular lawn created from turf. The beauty of turfing is that it adapts easily to any size or shape of lawn.

Artificial turf is a popular alternative to natural grass lawns. Find out more here

Turfing techniques

The key to a great lawn lies in the soil preparation. Our team takes great care to break up compacted soil and remove any debris that may hinder establishment of your new turf.  If your garden topsoil is poor quality, our team will import new topsoil to improve it. After this we will go to great pains to ensure your ground is nice and level before the turf arrives.

We prefer to source turf from a local grower. Why? because local turf is well suited to the soil-type in your garden, plus its  journey will have been shorter and quicker. That means that the turf is fresher and the haulage is kinder to the environment. Your turf will be laid quickly and efficiently by our team who understand how to handle a product with such a limited shelf life.

We will give your turf that all important first watering.  Afterwards, we tidy up and then teach you how to care for your new lawn in those all-important first few weeks.