Artificial Turfing

Busy lifestyles demand relaxing spaces to unwind in during evenings and weekends. A beautiful garden is the perfect escape zone, but not if it’s hard work! Landscaping your garden with artificial turf can provide you with a pristine, manicured lawn-like surface that needs very little maintenance.

Artificial turf installation service

Holland landscapes offers a full artificial turf installation service.  Just like a driveway or a patio, the key to a faux lawn lies in the preparation.

Holland Landscapes have the experience, the training and the equipment needed for truly professional artificial turf installations. We will level and sculpt your lawn area, correct any underlying drainage issues and install the most suitable base layers for your artificial grass.

The Holland Landscapes team only ever uses professional quality adhesives and fixings to ensure that your new lawn looks good for its entire lifespan. Also included in your quotation will be the supply of good quality artificial grass with UV protection to prevent fading. As with any of our landscaping projects, our ethos is to protect the environment.

Maintenance for artificial grass is minimal but you will need to remove autumn leaves and occasionally use a stiff brush to revive the fibres and remove any moss or debris.

circular artificial lawn in modern contemporary garden

Artificial turf for dogs

Is your dog too active for a natural grass lawn? Are you fed up with muddy pawprints indoors? Artificial grass may well be the perfect solution for you. Modern artificial grass is available with a special pet-friendly backing. Provided it is installed onto the correct base layers, pet-friendly artificial grass will repel moisture and discourage bad odours.

Look out for a super-dense sward on a PU backed artificial turf.

artificial grass in family back garden

Artificial turf for back gardens

Low maintenance, mud-free and soft to the touch, artificial grass is an ideal surface for a back garden. With clever garden design, there’s no reason why you cannot combine the all-weather surface of artificial turf with lots of beautiful, environmentally friendly living plants.

This is an example of a family-friendly garden in Colchester created by Holland Landscapes. The artificial lawn is a very tactile play surface for youngsters and means that Mum and Dad have more time for relaxing and entertaining.

semi circular artificial lawn

Artificial turf for shaded gardens

Maintaining a natural lawn in a shaded garden can be quite a challenge. Especially if you don’t have the time or the budget for intensive lawn care. The good news is that you can have the same visual effect by using good quality artificial turf. Please be aware though that if the shade is being cast by trees, you will still need to sweep up any autumn leaves. Artificial turf is very low maintenance but it’s not “no maintenance”.

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What does artificial turf cost?

The cost of preparing your garden and installing artificial turf varies according to size, slope, access and any potential challenges on site. If you would like a free, no obligation quotation for the work, please do not hesitate to contact Paul at Holland Landscapes.

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