Your driveway says a lot about you. A neat, well defined and well maintained drive says “welcome”, we’re proud of our property. But did you also know that off-street parking can increase the value of your property and reduce your car insurance cost?

At Holland Landscapes, we approach every new driveway as if it were a front garden design with parking. And we take care to recommend materials that not only look attractive and suit your property, they also reflect your own personal style. We want your driveway to be more than just a parking space.

Careful construction with all the right base layers will ensure that your new driveway lasts for decades. If you would like us to, we can also add in some gorgeous low maintenance planting and a lighting design that will make you feel safe without annoying the neighbours.

If you choose Holland Landcapes to help us build your new drive you can be sure that we will work quickly and efficiently to cause as little disruption as possible to yourself and your neighbours.

Popular Driveway Materials

gravel drive with block paving edges and paths

Gravel Driveway

A classic choice for creating driveways on relatively flat surfaces. With the right base layers, gravel is permeable – which is something that planning regulations encourage. The loose aggregate surface is easy to repair if it gets scuffed up. Simply rake it over.. Gravel is also reasonably cost effective to install but it’s vital to get the buildup right otherwise you’ll end up with sunken tracks in areas of high usage.

Using gravel stabilisation matting in the buildup for a gravel driveway will mean that you can easily push buggies bikes and wheelchairs across it. Plus, the gravel won’t wash away in a rainstorm. As with many landscaping projects the bits you can’t see are as important, if not more important, than the bits you can see.


Resin Bound Driveway

This is a relatively modern material that is becoming more and more popular. A resin bound driveway looks very much like gravel but the aggregate is stabilised by a polymer which forms a flexible surface. With the correct installation, resin bound driveways are permeable but again, it all depends on the buildup. The surface is textured which means it’s slip proof, even when wet.

Resin bound driveways are good at repelling weeds and  they’re perfect for modern lifestyles. They can be used for  sloping driveways, and because that polymer binding flexes with the weight of a vehicle, a resin bound drive is extremely durable. Unlike traditional mortar, resin is frost hardy and will not disintegrate over time. Resin bound drives are UV stable and easy to clean so they keep their good looks for a very long time


Block Paving Driveway

I really do like a nice block paved drive. There are so many opportunities to bring your own personal touches to it. For example, the blocks can be laid in such a way as to deceive the eye into thinking the driveway is bigger/wider/smaller than it is. Or you can create sweeping lines that look fabulous from above.  Mix and match – use different coloured blocks and varying shapes to create interest or frame features.

Block paved drives are incredibly durable and modern pointing and grouting materials mean that there is less chance of those joints needed regular weeding.

Feeling patriotic? We can source clay pavers that have been made here in the UK. Which of course means that they have a smaller carbon footprint than imported materials.

landscaper laying natural granite setts for a cobblestone driveway

Cobbled Driveways

Brickweave is not your only option. A cobbled driveway using stone setts has a traditional feel – similar to the courtyard of a stately home. We could even use reclaimed stone for genuine authenticity.

Cobblestones are available in different types of stone, different colours and different sizes which means that there are plenty of options for interesting designs. That of course includes curves, waves and geometric designs.

landscaping light fitting sitting neatly amongst plants beside a driveway

Driveway Lighting

Add more visual appeal to your driveway with some clever lighting. It doesn’t need to be floodlighting – although anything is possible. Use lights to pick out features, guide you home at the end of a long day and ensure safe access when it’s dark. You can also illuminate features on the building or draw attention to the focal points in your front garden.

Why not invest in some lights that you can operate from a phone app? That way the lights needn’t be “always on” (saving your fuel bills) and can give the impression that you’re home when really you’re sunning yourself in the Algarve.


Planning Permission For Driveways

You may need to seek planning permission for a new driveway. The team at Holland Landscapes will be happy to provide any plans or technical drawings that you need. Read more about planning permission in this article

Does your landscaping project need planning permission

What does a new driveway cost?

The cost of a new drive depends on several factors. The size of your driveway, your choice of materials and of course practical considerations such as slopes, drainage issues and access for machinery and deliveries.

For an accurate quotation including all materials and installation by a trustworthy, experienced team of qualified landscapers, please contact us to discuss your requirements.