Garden Lighting

Make more of your outdoor space with Garden Lighting

Garden lights bring a whole new dimension to your outdoor space. Here at Holland Landscapes we strongly recommend including garden lighting into any landscaping project. No matter how large or how small. It’s certainly better to add lights whilst landscaping than it is to retro-fit.

Popping some lights in between plants can really bring your garden to life after sunset. Or why not illuminate your patio so that you can use it longer into the evening?

There are dozens of reasons to light up your garden – here are just a few of them…

  • Security lighting to deter unwanted visitors
  • You can highlight specific plants, trees or works of art – looks amazing
  • Light your journey around the garden
  • Driveway lights will welcome you home
  • Create a relaxing space for evening use
  • Illuminate your outdoor kitchen
  • Use garden lights to create a party atmosphere
  • Be able to use your garden on winter evenings
  • Steps and slopes can be lit to avoid accidents
  • Accentuate water features, hot tubs and swimming pools

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However you choose to light up your garden, it’s essential that you do it safely. Be sure to use good quality light fittings that are robust, weatherproof and well made. And ensure that wires are fit for purpose and discreetly hidden away so that you won’t get tangled up in them.

Types of garden lights

There are a wide range of garden lights to choose from. Uplighters are great for creating structure in the garden. Recessed lights that fit flush with your patio, path or deck will help you to find your way around the garden at night. And what about some beautiful coloured underwater lights for your pond or pool?

The team at Holland Landscapes, along with our colleagues at Tapestry Design Studios can help you achieve great things with garden lights. Best of all, when you hire professionals to integrate lighting with landscaping, you can be sure that your garden electricals will be tasteful, discreet and safe.


Easy To Operate

Whenever the Holland Landscapes Team install garden lights, we ensure that they are easy to use. A discreet control box in the garden is operated remotely from a handset. You can control your lighting from inside the house or from anywhere in your garden.


Safe Garden Lights

All of our electrical work is carried out by highly qualified “Part P” electrical contractors. The landscaping team position the lights, and we bring in the experts to carry out the connections.

At Holland Landscapes we use only LED garden lamps. These are low voltage, cool to the touch and require fewer cables than more traditional lighting. They are cheaper to run too!


Flexible lighting systems

Each lighting system is tailored to your garden and your needs. We can incorporate timers, dimming lights, coloured lights, twinkling lights, uplighters, downlighters, recessed lights and more – the choice is yours. If you need some suggestions our garden designers are on hand to help.


Dynamic garden lighting

Holland Landscapes go-to choice for lighting controls is the Light Symphony system. This is undoubtedly one of the most flexible remote controlled system on the market today.  We can include motion sensors, smartphone or tablet control, timers, dusk to dawn sensors, colour changing lights, touch screen picture frame control or just a simple key fob. Most of these options can be added at a later date.




We recommend Hunza light fittings because of their excellent quality and durability. They are built using the highest quality materials and are available in 316 stainless steel, copper or powder coated in a particular colour. Hunza light fittings come with a 5 to 10 year warranty while the glass lens is guaranteed for life.