Looking for a patio to improve your garden? Holland Landscapes can help

At Holland Landscapes we specialise in building patios. A patio can help transform your garden into a beautiful and more usable outdoor space. Better still, it can add value to your property.

We create patios for clients who want to

Make barbecuing and outdoor eating a pleasure • Enjoy having a great space for entertaining • Create indoor-outdoor living space • Relax out of doors in almost any weather • Have a better view from the window • Be able to step outdoors in any type of footwear • Use the garden as an outdoor room • Add value to their property

Limestone Patios

A traditional mid-priced material for building patios. Natural limestone is available in a range of colours from pearly whites, soft greys and bluey-grey.  Depending on the materials you choose, you may be lucky enough to have distinctive features such as sparkly quartz granules, marbling or even small fossils embedded in the stone.

Sandstone Patios

Cost effective and beautiful. Sandstone tends to have mainly buff or brown tones with occasional green hues. It’s a durable material and suits traditional and contemporary styled gardens. Why not think about mixing the sizes of sandstone pavers you use to make interesting patterns?

Porcelain Pavers

Man-made paving slabs in a vast range of colours and sizes. Porcelain patios are one of the most talked about features in the gardening world. Properly installed they give a high quality finish to any landscaping project and there’s a design to suit everyone’s taste. Porcelain pavers work just as well indoors as they do outdoors. They are perfect for projects where you want to create a seamless flow from house to garden and vice-versa

Porphyry Cobbles

A natural volcanic rock with engrained quartz and crystals. Porphyry comes in a range of colours from greys to a deep rich burgundy red. Looks amazing in traditional cottage style gardens and stunning in contemporary designs.


Used in gardens for centuries, granite is distinctive, hard wearing and available in a variety of hues including grey, black, and pink. Mix and match colours and sizes to create a striking patio with lots of character.

Stone Steps

Connect your patio to your home and garden with some sturdy stone steps. Holland Landscapes will use our expertise and quality materials to create a superb finish.

Patio design and construction

You may already have some ideas about what you want your patio to look like. If not, we can help you design something that will suit your property and your lifestyle.

There is a huge choice of paving materials available out there from porcelain pavers, to natural stone, clay bricks, resin bound gravel or stone setts. Our team can advise on which materials will look amazing and be easy for you to maintain.

patio with steps planters and retaining wall

Will you want steps, balustrade, lighting or planting spaces? The Holland Landscape team have the expertise to build a high quality patio with as many features as you would like.

Our service includes a site survey to determine the best way to build your new patio without affecting damp courses, utilities or drainage. We want your patio to look good for many years to come so we use the very best materials beneath the surface to make sure pavers will be remain level and stable for the entire lifespan of the patio.

This article will give you some insight of what’s involved in building a patio.

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