Hiring a landscaper

Hiring a landscaper

After a look through Google I couldn’t find a good guide for hiring a landscaper for potential clients, so I thought I would make one. This simple guide will help people choose a good landscaper and make sure their money is not wasted.

Six steps to hiring a professional landscaper.

  1. Check the websites of landscapers near you
  2. Take a look at their portfolio of work
  3. Reviews and testimonials will tell you about other client’s experiences
  4. Are they a member of a trade association?
  5. Obtain more than one quote


When hiring a landscaper, a good looking website is very important. This could be the first contact a potential client may have with a landscaping company and as they say ‘first impressions count’. But be careful though, look at the photos of the landscapers work closely, does it look like good quality work? Is it even their work? Speak to the landscaper about their photos this will soon put your mind at ease.


porcelain patio with steps leading to path and lawn

Take a look at a range of landscaper’s websites and social media profiles to see whose work best fits the style and the finish of garden you are hoping to achieve

As well as having lots of good photos on their website, a good landscaper will bring their portfolio of previous work with him as well. This should be well presented with large photos showing off the quality of workmanship. If the landscaper does not bring a portfolio or their portfolio is tatty and not very well presented then it might be worth considering another landscaper. If they can’t make the effort to present their work to a high standard to start with then will they make the effort to produce landscaping works to a high standard?

Take a look at Holland Landscapes’ portfolio where you’ll find a variety of landscaping projects from tiny front gardens to large gardens

Hiring a landscaper ? Check the Reviews and Testimonials

It is very important to ask for testimonials. These can be found by looking on a landscaper’s website for testimonials, checking Google reviews or asking a landscaper to visit a previous contract. A good landscaper will be happy to show off his work!

Trade association member

Finding a landscaper that is a member of a trade association is very important. Look into the associations available and check their customer charters. Ensure that the trade association inspects companies annually, insists on the correct insurances and have asked for recent client references. Does the trade association have government backing? Some trade associations or accreditations are only after the landscaper’s money from the membership fees they charge, regular inspections are a good way of knowing a trade association cares about its industry.

Holland Landscapes are long term members of the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) who regularly vet our work and our business practices to ensure we are capable and honest.  If you are thinking of hiring a landscaper, you should visit the APL website to research landscapers in your area.

Get a few prices

This does not necessarily mean go for the cheapest quote. A landscaper who takes pride in their work will not be the cheapest as they will spend more time ensuring the finished quality is to the highest of standards, this means the landscaper will be on site for longer than someone who will rush a job to make more money. It is also important that you and your landscaper understand each other and get on. Landscaping projects can last for months so a good working relationship is essential.

Is hiring a landscaper expensive?  Read our article to discover what’s included in the price of landscaping.

Double check that you are hiring a reputable landscaper – here are 10 things to ask before your landscaper starts work.

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