Ideas For Garden Pergolas

Ideas For Garden Pergolas

We visit our photo archives to find you some ideas for garden pergolas.

The humble pergola has been appearing in gardens since Roman times. It’s a wonderful way of providing shelter from the sun, creating focal points and extending your living space.  So which of these ideas for garden pergolas appeals to you the most?

A Neat Timber Built Shelter For Barbecue and Bikes

This timber pergola features in this modern back garden design from Tapestry Design Studios.  

It’s a very simple design that fulfils all of the criteria for a pergola.  Its simple construction using posts and beams to create a sheltered area.

timber pergola beside a garage with porcelain patio and artificial grass

Contemporary Shelter For A Sophisticated Outdoor Kitchen

This large garden near Frinton has lots of interesting features including a vegetable garden, a large patio, spectacular planting and this magnificent pergola.  Made from aluminium, it has a cleverly designed ‘roof’ that can be opened to reveal views of the sky. Or, you prefer, you can close the roof to create shade or shelter. This particular pergola also has blinds on the side for even more sun protection.

outdoor kitchen with pergola, seating area and planting

Beneath the pergola is a smart patio with an inbuilt outdoor kitchen.  The patio extends to form an outdoor dining area. I particularly like the beautiful cortex steel screening around this pergola.

Perfect Pergola For A Small Back Garden

You don’t need to own a country estate to have a pergola in your back garden.  Modern pergolas can be built on a relatively modest budget and help make small spaces feel more inviting.

Should a pergola have sides?  Well, our mantra is that not all ideas for garden pergolas have to fit into a certain mould. It’s your pergola, you can have sides on it if you want to.

This beauty has an oriental feel with those extended timber beams and scented plants clambering through the trellised sides.

garden pergola with simple outdoor kitchen

Introducing A Pop Of Colour To Your Pergola

If you want your pergola to stand out from the crowd, take a look at this!  A Zingy citrus coloured canopy takes ideas for garden pergolas to a whole new level.  The clients who commissioned this garden had an express wish for the colour orange in their garden. This structure definitely met the brief!

danbury garden makeover

A Pergola For A Traditional Garden

What a beautiful structure! And it looks at though it’s been in the garden forever and a day.  It’s made using a seasoned timber and clay roof tiles.  Doesn’t it blend beautifully with the brick retaining walls? Add to it a striking planting plan and you have garden heaven.  

What would you use a pergola like this for? 

timber built pergola with tiled roof

When Does A Pergola Become An Arbour?

It doesn’t matter what name you give to your garden shelter, if you love it, you love it.  And I love this one.

It’s not huge but it’s very stylish.  The perfect place to escape to when you want to enjoy a really good book.

arbour seat with trellised sides and porcelain paved floor

Stuck for ideas for garden pergolas?

The best pergola’s are bespoke made.  Designed to suit your garden and your taste, and made using materials that suit your budget.

If you need help to focus your thoughts, why not talk to the team at Holland Landscapes? We can show you inspirational images of past projects, talk about what’s trending at the gardening shows, and help you to decide which pergola is best for you.

Click here for an informal chat or to schedule an appointment.

Check out our portfolio – you will be spoilt for choice for garden ideas.

Need a pergola to improve privacy in your garden?  Here are our tips on landscaping for privacy.  

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