Sloping Back Garden Colchester

About This Project

A brief overview of the garden landscaping

After adding a beautiful conservatory to their home, our clients wished to make their back garden more attractive and more usable.  The  main challenge for this garden landscaping project just outside of Morcombe was the steep slope. One of the family members has limited mobility and was not confident about travelling up and down the steep incline. Consequently this garden was underused.

With a little help from Tapestry Design Studios, we transformed their inaccessible garden into a space that the whole family can enjoy.

What the client asked for

The client brief was for a very natural looking space with plenty of plants and greenery – but once which was fully accessible, despite having quite a dramatic incline.  

The build budget didn’t stretch to retaining walls and terraces and so the Tapestry team created an imaginative design that would require a more moderate level of groundworks.

Before we started work

When the Holland Landscapes Team arrived to mark out the site, we found a sadly underused garden.  A tiny patio teetered at the top of quite a precarious slope. Some tired shrubs hugged the boundary fence and the clients just couldn’t wait to see their new garden brought to life.

Garden Landscaping in a sloping back garden

Limited access meant that we could’t get huge machines in to do the recontouring that the design specified, but as always, we found a way.  Our mini digger did a grand job of creating two flat areas and softening the slope so that it was more accessible.

Sticky soil meant lots of mud at times, but we are Essex landscapers – we’re very familiar with working with clay soils in all kinds of weather.

That beautiful sloping pathway that you can see meandering down the garden needed stabilising so that the gravel wouldn’t slide down the hill whenever it rained.

The finished garden

As you can see from the pictures, Tapestry Design Studios have done a magnificent job of designing a garden that is easy on the eye, easy to use and incredibly inviting.

We particularly like the secluded seating area at the end of the garden, the sawn limestone patio with terrific views and the soft planting  frames the winding path.


Struggling to manage your sloping garden?  The Holland Landscapes Team can help you turn a challenging space into an outdoor room that you’ll want to use every day.

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