Rear garden with unusual features

About This Project

The client brief

Our clients approached us for a quote to bring their garden design to life. Their garden designer, Karen Chamberlain had recommended Holland Landscapes as a Colchester landscaper with the right skills set to fabricate some of the unusual features that were planned for their garden.

The clients felt that their fencing was ready for renewal, and they wanted more privacy. They decided to ask Karen to redesign the whole garden so that they could truly enjoy their outdoor space. 

The landscapers needed to carefully preserve parts of  boundary wall – which date back to Roman times! Karen’s design uses Corten Steel sheets to echo the shape of the wall. This is a clever design trick that really does make this garden unique.

The build

As a Colchester landscaper who enjoys the town’s rich heritage it was pure joy to work on a project so close to the Roman road and Roman wall.

Karen’s design for this small narrow garden uses lots of curves to make the footprint of the garden seem wider. Curves also give the feeling that the garden is “hugging” its occupants. 

The larger seating area is a perfect circle….created with rectangular clay pavers. For this to be a success, the team needed all of their measuring skills.

A winding path with planting either side, leads visitors to the garden shed which is partially concealed by a curved Corten sheet. The view from the shed gives really good glimpses of the remains of the Roman wall.

Working with Corten sheets was a new experience for the colchester landscaper team. The Holland Landscapes team often works with metal edging and metal garden structures. Which meant that we could use past experience to work out how to secure the sheets.

Colchester landscaper wins award for this garden

What a stunning garden! And one that earned this colchester landscaper a Gold medal at the 2019 APL Awards.

Read more about the garden and the awards here.


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