Back Garden Improvement Lexden

About This Project

This back garden improvement project had a huge impact on the way these homeowners used their garden. From unloved lawn to inviting vistas. What a great landscaping job this was.

About the Garden

This generously sized back garden in Lexden belongs to a large, L-Shaped property and backs onto some very beautiful green space.

When we arrived, the garden, which is relatively long and narrow, was mainly lawn.  There was a small paved area adjacent to the back door of the house and no outdoor focal point to speak of. The garden sloped towards the house.

The clients had commissioned a garden design and were very much looking forward to starting their back garden improvement project.

Garden Improvement Elements

  • The team removed tired planting to reveal the view across neighbouring green space
  • Our landscapers dismantled the dilapidated greenhouse and sent it off for recycling
  • Luckily, the design included that beautiful mature tree in the lawn. That stayed put. Whenever we carry out a garden improvement project, we like to avoid cutting down beautiful trees.
  • We levelled the slope by creating 3 terraces. 
  • Once the terraces have been levelled, the team created a lovely big paved area was beside the house using natural limestone pavers.
  • This first retaining wall doubles as a planter and as a casual “perching” place for when all of the seats are occupied by friends and family. 
  • Broad, sturdy steps lead to the centre terrace
  • By turfing the centre terrace and adding metal lawn edging, we gave our clients a beautiful new lawn that really enhanced their garden.
  • Next we created some fresh planting beds and filled them with Karen’s carefully chosen selection of perennial beauties.
  • A second set of steps leads to the third and final terrace. 
  • To connect the second and third terraces, we contoured the soil to create a sloping border.
  • Sloping border is planted with a low formal hedge to the front and leafy planting behind it.
  • Finally, we installed our  clients’ new garden shed behind that beautiful mature tree.

Garden improvement services from Holland Landscapes

As you can see from the pictures, a few, simple garden improvements have made a huge difference to the presentation of this property.  As we left the site, the homeowners were already planning several different ways to share their new patio with friends and family. The design really does highlight the size of the garden.  It feels light, airy and inviting.  Also, even though we didn’t move any fences, the plot appears much wider. Which is of course, the mark of a good garden design.

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